FluidAI Medical Teams Up with Medtronic for Remote Monitoring via DIGITAL’s Continuous Connected Patient Care Project

KITCHENER, ON, Sept. 14, 2023 /CNW/ – FluidAI Medical, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) startup and developer of the Stream™ Platform for post-surgical monitoring, has announced a strategic partnership with Medtronic Canada ULC, a prominent subsidiary of the global healthcare technology company, Medtronic PLC. Together, they are working to revolutionize Canadian healthcare through the Continuous Connected Patient Care (CCPC) project under Canada’s Global Innovation Cluster for digital technologies, known as DIGITAL.

Hospitalized patients, particularly those with serious complications, often remain in the hospital longer than necessary after their condition has stabilized. This extended stay is mainly for continued monitoring during their recovery. Hospital care can average between $1,000-2,000 per patient daily[1], utilizing resources like hospital beds, equipment, and healthcare workers’ time, potentially reducing a hospital’s capacity for new patients.

“Collaboration is key to develop new patient-centric solutions” – Rick Sethi, R&D Director at Medtronic.

The CCPC project aims to allow patients to continue their care at home after discharge through the development of new predictive analytics, AI, and home monitoring technology that integrates with current medical systems for uninterrupted care from hospital to home.

Medtronic leads the CCPC project in partnership with a consortium of Canadian healthcare and technology leaders that includes Cloud DX, Excelar Technologies, Providence Health Care’s St. Paul’s Hospital, Providence Health Care Ventures, Simon Fraser University (SFU), Bridge Health Solutions (BHS), StarFish Medical (as a Medtronic sub-contractor), and most recently, FluidAI. Every consortium member contributes a distinct and essential element to build the integrated monitoring system.

“As healthcare delivery and patient needs change, it is important that we continue to evolve how we and our partners provide tools and support for our clinicians. Collaboration is key to develop new patient-centric solutions and augment our clinicians with personalized care for their patients.” – Rick Sethi, R&D Director, Open Innovation and R&T at Medtronic.

Medtronic is exploring new technologies and leveraging a novel clinical-grade medical device. In parallel, FluidAI will enhance its current platform offering to enable at-home patient use, expand functionality to collaborate with the Medtronic device and develop a cloud platform to enable use of their platform in a remote patient monitoring setting and integrate with the consortium partner offerings.

Bridge Health Solutions will enhance its medication dispensing, tracking, and adherence monitoring solution. Excelar Technologies will improve its clinical data normalization module by incorporating remote patient monitoring and medication adherence tracking and enhancing its data visualization tools. Providence Health Care (PHC) and PHC Ventures are responsible for providing workflow, needs, patient and clinical requirements, validating and collaborating on the design and development of the final solution, data integration and governance. Clinicians from PHC’s St. Paul’s Hospital and Hamilton Health Sciences will conduct clinical trials and contribute by shaping the requirement specifications and designing the process.

Simon Fraser University (SFU) will gather input on user needs to guide the creation of the technology, clinical decision support framework, and user interfaces. Cloud DX will provide a secure, ISO-certified solution that features sophisticated tools for patient engagement and a clinician portal capable of safely monitoring thousands of patients. Finally, the project is supported by a $5.2M co-investment from DIGITAL, Canada’s Global Innovation Cluster for digital technologies.

Ensuring the success and credibility of this initiative, the CCPC project team has incorporated a comprehensive testing and evaluation blueprint developed in collaboration with patients, families, clinicians, and industry experts. Their collective expertise will underpin the proof of the platform’s efficacy and applicability.

About FluidAI Medical
FluidAI (formerly known as NERv Technology Inc.) is a Canadian medical technology company that uses AI to aid with the early detection of postoperative leaks. From general to gastrointestinal surgeries, FluidAI’s mission is to empower healthcare providers with data-driven solutions that improve patient outcomes and advance postoperative care. To learn more about FluidAI and how the company is transforming postoperative care, please visit https://fluidai.md/

About Medtronic Canada ULC
Proud to serve Canadian healthcare for over 50 years, Medtronic Canada ULC is headquartered in Brampton, Ontario, and is a subsidiary of Medtronic PLC. We are the leading global healthcare technology company that boldly attacks the most challenging health problems facing humanity by searching out and finding solutions. Our Mission — to alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life — unites a global team of 90,000+ passionate people. Our technologies and therapies address 70 health conditions and include cardiac devices, surgical robotics, insulin pumps, surgical tools, patient monitoring systems, and more. Powered by our diverse knowledge, insatiable curiosity, and desire to help all those who need it, we deliver innovative technologies that transform the lives of two people every second, every hour, every day. Visit Medtronic.ca, and follow us on X and LinkedIn.

DIGITAL, Canada’s Global Innovation Cluster for digital technologies, grows Canadian businesses through the development, adoption and deployment of Canadian-made technologies and by working with industry to develop a digitally skilled workforce to positively impact lives across our country. DIGITAL brings together businesses, academia, community and government agencies to solve some of industry and society’s biggest challenges – better and faster than any single organization can do on its own. Through a powerful model that combines cross-sector collaboration, Canadian IP creation and results-based co-investment, they unlock the potential of Canadian industry to lead and succeed in the digital world.  Ahead of the curve starts here. For more information, visit: https://www.digitalsupercluster.ca/ 

About Cloud DX
Accelerating digital healthcare, Cloud DX is on a mission to make healthcare better for everyone. The Connected Health™ remote patient monitoring platform is used by healthcare enterprises and care teams across North America to virtually manage chronic disease, enable aging in place, and deliver hospital-quality post-surgical care in the home. Our partners achieve better healthcare and patient outcomes, reduce the need for hospitalization or re-admission, and reduce healthcare delivery costs through more efficient use of resources. For more, visit www.CloudDX.com and follow @CloudDX on X and LinkedIn.

About Bridge Health Solutions
Bridge Health Solutions has developed a secure cloud-based prescription management system which supports patient adherence for all types of medications through the use of connected tamper-resistant devices. It is designed for people suffering from chronic diseases including older adults who could benefit from better medication adherence and vital monitoring. For more, visit www.bridgehealthsolutions.com.

About Excelar Technologies
Excelar’s CareFlow platform is a privacy-by-design solution for clinical data integration, normalization, and data visualization. The platform consists of the CareFlow Broker for intelligent data processing, routing and data normalization, CareFlow Insight dashboards for patterns of practice clinical quality improvement, and CareFlow Timeline for the intuitive visualization of clinically relevant data using explainable AI. www.excelar.ca   

About Providence Health Care Ventures
As an expert navigator of the Canadian health care, regulatory, and technology landscape, PHC Ventures provides indispensable support to corporate, institutional and individual innovators seeking to validate and commercialize their products and ideas. PHC Ventures offers a portal to Providence Health Care in Vancouver, Canada, a renowned provincial health organization whose lengthy innovation track record and size make it an ideal incubator to validate and scale innovations. PHC Ventures actively co-develops health solutions, forges unconventional partnerships, facilitates consulting relationships with PHC clinicians, and invests in health start-ups.  For more, visit www.phcventures.ca 

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As Canada’s engaged university, Simon Fraser University works with communities, organizations and partners to create, share and embrace knowledge that improves life and generates real change. We deliver a world-class education with lifelong value that shapes change-makers, visionaries and problem-solvers. We connect research and innovation to entrepreneurship and industry to deliver sustainable, relevant solutions to today’s problems. 

[1] This figure was calculated using the average length of stay and average cost of care reported by CIHI, 2021-2022: https://yourhealthsystem.cihi.ca/hsp/inbrief?lang=en#!/indicators/015/cost-of-a-standard-hospital-stay-cshs/

SOURCE Fluid AI Medical