Partners & Collaborations

We join forces with like-minded industry partners across various networks and sectors to advance ideas and solve some of the world’s most pressing health and social issues. Whether that’s aided by technologies like telehealth, virtual health or wearables, or just improving the care journey of the people we serve, partnerships are key to our way forward.


Continuous Connected Patient Care (CCPC) – Develop a holistic remote patient monitoring platform that enables seamless transition of the patients from the hospital to the home environment with an integrated platform and wearable... more.

Reducing Opioid Use for Pain ManagementAs part of the response to the opioid crisis, PHC is working with the consortium to develop a digital continuous quality improvement system that tracks patients throughout the Perioperative journey, from intake to recovery at home... more, video link.

Intelligent Network for Point-of-Care Ultrasound (IN-PoCUS) – This PHC led project combined machine learning, handheld ultrasound devices and a cloud-based platform to equip general practitioners with unprecedented diagnostic capabilities right at the point-of-care and ensure that ultrasound images are shared between all care team using intelligent image workflow... more, IN-PoCUS Video.

IN-PoCUS for COVID – The project aims to improve our ability to detect COVID-19 by developing an AI-powered platform that can be used with wireless, handheld ultrasound devices... more.

Dermatology Point of Care Intelligent Network (DermInt) – An AI-powered medical imaging network to connect all points of care for patients who may be dealing with skin cancer... more, DermInt Video.

Authorization, Booking, and Coordination of Widespread Serological Testing & Immunization (ABC) – Build a solution to enable automated assessment, authorization, booking, and coordination of widespread testing and, when available, immunization... more.

HyperTalent – The program focused on reaching students by increasing technology awareness amongst K-12 educators and encouraging Indigenous students to pursue career in the technology industry through internships... more.

Digital Lift – This project identifies high demand technology roles through AI and the competencies required for the roles, and provides rapid skilling... more.